The Women are Strong

Winchell had his hands full when he met Charlotte Imus. Four years younger than she, he was a co-principal of St. Clair, Michigan high schools with her. She’s pictured here (top row, second from left) several years before they met, when she was on staff at Albion College in Michigan. Even as a mere slip … More The Women are Strong

The Schoolteacher

At the tender age of 15, Newton Winchell became a schoolteacher. He had completed eight grades of public school and longed to attend high school and later, college, but his family needed money and he felt he didn’t even have the decent clothing necessary to venture into the world of higher ed. His parents and … More The Schoolteacher

The Weight of a Name

Imagine spending your childhood on a mountain that bears your family name. Imagine knowing your great-grandfather farmed the land your father’s brothers now farmed. Looking out over the valley, the distant Catskill Mountains look bluish in the clear air. Is this view in your DNA? Are they part of you? Newton Winchell’s reply to these … More The Weight of a Name

A Sexy Guy

            To be clear: I do not consciously screen possible biography subjects on whether I’d like to kiss them. And note that I’ve been kissing a man whose beard is trimmed and tidy for nearly 50 years. But Winchell’s beard—it was just so prominent, growing more unruly and less attractive with each passing decade. And I am … More A Sexy Guy

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